Woodland Animal Hospital

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Testimonials from our New Client Survey

 "I was treated with empathy and compassion and I could not ask for better service." 3/2/23

"Little Cakes, our two-and-a-half-pound rat terrier, suddenly changed her behavior. From a nonstop energetic dog, she squatted on her small hind legs and decided it was time to let go of everything. This morning she woke me and asked why we did not thank Woodland Animal Hospital for saving her life. I brought her to our laptop, set her up and said, Why don’t you thank them yourself.

This is what she wrote:

i’m little cakes and a few weeks ago i almost died. dr. groner saw me in the afternoon and told my two-legged friend i might have been bit by a bee or maybe hornet. I knew it was a few hornets, but how could i tell anyone that.

that night things went worse. an animal hospital nearby refused to help me—they said they only did emergency work on regular visitors. i was new to them. in the end, i was rushed to a place in columbia—very expensive—and fairly clueless. parvo. i couldn’t tell them the problem. bundled up, I headed home when suddenly i began to have what you two-legged animals call hiccups. found out later it was seizures. woodland animal hospital to the rescue—but it was not even eight in the am. no vets. guess what—a vet made it her business to save me.  

it's been about a month and i’m fine. thank you drs roller and groner for saving my life and getting those terrible hornet venoms out of my body. thank you. thank you. thank you."

Dr. Roller's Clients

"Dr. Roller and her team always take exceptional care of our fur baby Geronimo! She is by far the most extraordinary veterinarian I have ever worked with! Thank you for TRULY caring." 3/24/23

"We were very happy with Dr Roller and all the staff that helped care for Buster. Everyone was very friendly and kind and explained everything we needed to know. I can’t think of anything that would have made the experience any better." 3/16/23

"We always enjoy our visits with Dr. Roller. Even Coco didn't seem to mind the shots, as long as the treats kept coming anyway. Thanks for all you do." 1/27/23

"Dr. Roller came in and sat with us and answered our questions thoroughly, gave us multiple options to look into, and checked out Kodiak physically. She was such a blessing!! Thank you for always taking good care of our dog" 10/18/22

"Couldn’t have made my experiences any better. Everyone was super friendly. I really like and appreciate Dr.Roller being so kind with my fur babies! She seems very knowledgeable." 9/13/22

Dr Guhlincozzi's Clients

"Best veterinary clinic I've ever been to. The entire staff is so welcoming, knowledgeable, and sweet. You can feel how much they love all animals and truly care about their patients. Dr. Guhlincozzi takes his time with each appointment and thoroughly explains every and makes sure all concerns are addressed. I'll never take our pets anywhere else!" 2/22/23

"I can’t think of anything I’d ask for improvement on. Everyone is so kind and you can tell they truly care about our pup. I love the vet! He is kind and patient with my questions, but no nonsense when it comes to my pups health - I couldn’t ask for more!" 2/1/23

Dr Groner's Clients:

"I have been taking my pets to Dr Groner for 25 years. Would not think of taking them anywhere else. The team there treats my pets as if they were their own. They are always friendly and they even listen to all my questions and help with any issues we are having!" 1/12/23

"Everything went as good as expected. Dr.Groner was very knowledgeable of what was going on with Amaya and helped me understand how to get her better. Thank you to the staff also, very compassionate." 12/1/22

"We had just welcomed our puppy the day before he became very ill and planned on taking him to another veterinarian in town. After this emergency, I fell in love with Dr. Groner. Her concern, understanding, and prompt treatment made the difference for our sweet little puppy."

General Reviews

 "We felt very much heard and listened to at Woodland yesterday. After coming from a pretty scary experience at another establishment in town it was refreshing to see compassion and care from individuals. We’re happy to have found them." 3/17/23

"The entire staff at Woodland Animal Hospital is highly professional and knowledgeable. Staff members have offered helpful insight and training tips, aided us with myriad health issues for each of our “children”, provided stellar routine care, and have been steadfast sources of compassion when the need arose." 12/20/22

"This was his 1st visit to Woodland & things were great until they told me what needed to be done. They were comforting and answered all my questions & additional phone calls without making me feel like a nuisance. Woodland Animal Hospital is clean, the staff friendly and my Jax's doctor is tops (in my opinion). The procedure is next Monday so I will be a nervous wreck, as far as making my experience better.....it would be to serve chilled wine! Thanks Woodland Animal Hospital Drs. & Staff"

"The whole staff was friendly and showed a genuine interest in Sadie. After she was kenneled for the holiday weekend, she almost didn't want to come home." 7/6/15

"Your communication, compassion (for my furry family member and me) and expertise were top notch. Mrs. Perkins can be a tortie handful, but she was treated with kindness and understanding. You have no idea how much that means to me."

"I've been to a lot of different vets and they always try to slam you with as many fees as possible. I took my cat here and they addressed why she was sick and didn't want to do anything extra (shots) because she was sick. I think their real goal was to take care of a sick animal, not just make money. That's hard to find." 3/18/14

"Everyone was extremely friendly and personable and made me feel like a part of the family even though it was my first time in." 3/14/14

"I felt that both the veterinarian and the technician were there because they truly loved animals and were not just there for the business. I also have had a bad experience in another vet office where I felt my pet was simply a tool for profit... I felt my pet received great care from caring people. Also, my cat never likes the vet, and he actually purred and drooled for the staff at Woodland :-)"  12/7/13

"I will continue to use Woodland Animal Hospital due to the care and concern the staff had for Jack, quick diagnosis and remedy, ease of scheduling appointments, being presented a cost estimate upfront, and the follow-up provided. Jack is doing well -- back to threatening the squirrels(through the screen on the porch) and fussing at the birds. Thanks for everything!"

"I was very impressed with everyone. They do a great job of explaining everything and are very friendly. You can tell they care about the animals in their care. Woodland is now the place I will go for care of my animals. The service is great."