Woodland Animal Hospital

600 Eastland Drive
Jefferson City, MO 65101



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A Message from Dr. Alice Groner...

I wish to say a couple of words about my staff as they are far too humble to toot their own horn.  

April Dyer, my office manager, is really far too skilled just to give her one title.  Her patience and ability to multitask keeps our team running cohesively.  She has an intuitive sense about animals and their behavior.  She might have been born with this quality or she might have obtained it at a young age when her Grandpa would throw her on the back of a newly purchased horse to see if it was "broke to ride yet."

Sue Irwin has been in the human medical field most of her adult life.  I feel fortunate that she has now chosen to use her skills for the benefit of our animal patients.  What she won't tell you is that she and her husband donate a lot of their energy and time helping people in need in this community.

Lisa Pleus, our groomer, may be one of the kindest persons with one of the toughest jobs.  To groom six or seven wiggly dogs a day takes a tremendous amount of patience.  She is a strong advocate for animals and their welfare.  If you walk past the groom room you must just see her hugging up one of her little charges and sweetly telling them what a good dog they have been.