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A Message from Dr. Alice Groner...

I wish to say a couple of words about my staff as they are far too humble to toot their own horn.  

Woodland Animal Hospital Veterinary Clinic Jefferson City, Missouri

April Dyer, my office manager, is really far too skilled just to give her one title.  Her patience and ability to multitask keeps our team running cohesively.  She has an intuitive sense about animals and their behavior.  She might have been born with this quality or she might have obtained it at a young age when her Grandpa would throw her on the back of a newly purchased horse to see if it was "broke to ride yet."

Dr. Roller Veterinarian in Jefferson City, Missouri

Dr. Allison Roller is my associate veterinarian. and....good gosh I like working with this gal!  She is everything you want in a veterinarian; smart, compassionate, empathetic, knowledgeable, diligent, caring.  With her extensive experience and knowledge, I love that I have someone who can be a sounding board for problematic cases. Lastly, but just as importantly, she is really funny; a good giggle goes a long in what may be a stressful day. 

DeannaMary, and Lisa are who you want to be monitoring your animal while under anesthesia or hospitalized with an illness.  Their ability to observe and detect the slightest abnormality in an animal allows Dr. Roller, Dr. Guhlincozzi and I to respond rapidly with what may be a life saving treatment. I can never underestimate what a vet nurse does for our beloved pets and neither should pet owners who entrust their pets care to us.




Celia, Aislynn, Raylin and Camlyn are our kennel assistants.  If you are boarding your dog or cat here, they are behind the scenes taking care of your pet.  They are exceedingly responsible and very much animal lovers.