Woodland Animal Hospital

600 Eastland Drive
Jefferson City, MO 65101



Resort Boarding


Upgraded boarding for our canine companions


  • Climate controlled runs with glass doors and tiled walls. ($50/night)
  • Want 2 dogs in the same room? No problem, 2 dogs may be boarded in the same area for an additional $19/night.
  • Elevated Kuranda beds are provided for your loved one so they will stay clean, warm, and comfortable during their stay.
  • We will provide bedding to ensure that they are comfortable and so that your personal comfort items aren't lost during their stay. 
  • In addition to exercising 3 times daily in our fenced gravel yard (image available on our Standard Boarding page).
  • Social Time in the play area is offered in the morning and afternoon for our resort boarders. These play sessions can be individual interaction with a staff member or in a group setting with other boarders if they are friendly and neutered/spayed.
  • Bathing and veterinary services are available during your pet's stay if necessary.
  • Medication administration is available as needed for all our guests as needed. 
  • A complementary cleansing bath for our canine boarders is offered with 3 nights stay or more.
  • Looking for something for your feline companion or something less extravagant? Please refer to our Standard Boarding page.

Dog boarding in Resort at Woodland in Jefferson City

*Please call us to schedule a stay or to answer any of your boarding questions at (573) 636 - 8322.*


Dog Boarding in Resort at Woodland Jefferson City

Dog Boarding in Resort at Woodland in Jefferson City    Dog play area at Woodland in Jefferson City    


 ***Boarding Requirements***


In order to keep a clean and healthy environment for all of our boarders,  we require animals be current* with the following:

  • Dogs: 
    • Rabies vaccine*
    • Kennel Cough vaccine*
    • Distemper-Parvo combination (DA2PP) vaccine*
    • Negative (-) fecal float (internal parasite check) with in the last year.
  • Cats: 
    • Rabies vaccine*
    • Feline Distemper (FVRCP) vaccine*
  • All animals will be checked for fleas and ticks prior to admission and will be treated at the owner's expense if necessary.

*Administered within the last 12 months